Robert Mielżyński

I was born in Toronto, to parents who emigrated there after World War II. However, I always knew I’d return to the country of my ancestors.

My father started with nothing when he came to Canada. Over time, he built one of the largest wine and alcohol import companies in the country – Peter Mielzynski Agencies (PMA). It was there, starting at a very young age, that my interest in wine developed. When I was 14 years old, I decided to finish high school in Europe. I moved to Germany and stayed with one of my father’s partners, who owned and operated several companies involved in the production of wine and spirits.

I studied viticulture at university in the United States, in Fresno, California. I then worked at several vineyards in France, Germany and Austria. Later, I returned to Canada and began working at the Hillebrand Vineyard during the exciting time when the Niagra-On-The-Lake region began to dramatically increase the quality of wines produced there. I have also worked at respected vineyards in Tuscany, French Turin, and for the Austrian firm Schlumberger.

I decided to settle permanently in Poland, where I raised a family and opened a wine-importing business. It gives me great pleasure to know that my experience can lend itself to the promotion of wine culture in our country.

I cordially invite you to pay a visit to our shops and wine bars.

Our locations

Burakowska 5/7
01-066 Warszawa
Shop 22 439 05 06
Bar 22 636 87 09
sklep@mielzynski.pl bar@mielzynski.pl check it on map

Czerska 12
00-732 Warszawa
Shop 22 439 05 01
Bar 22 439 05 00
sklep.czerska@mielzynski.pl bar.czerska@mielzynski.pl check it on map

Wojskowa 4
60-792 Poznań
Shop 61 866 00 51
Bar 61 866 00 57
sklep.poznan@mielzynski.pl bar.poznan@mielzynski.pl check it on map

Doki 1 (Dawna Remiza Stoczni Cesarskiej)
80-958 Gdańsk
Shop 500 019 898
Bar 500 029 898
sklep.gdansk@mielzynski.pl bar.gdansk@mielzynski.pl check it on map

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